Vocabilis is an advanced flashcard vocabulary builder for Windows 10®, Windows 8®, Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, Windows XP®. Its main task is to help you as a language learner to build a strong vocabulary in the language(s) you are studying.

Vocabilis's main feature which makes it stand out among the many other similar programs is its two phase learning scheme that makes the program a highly effective tool enabling you to easily memorize large amounts of foreign words, expressions or phrases.

Phase One helps you commit vocabulary to short-term memory, while Phase Two, that makes use of a spaced repetition system, ensures that you never forget what you have learned at Phase One.
This scheme is suitable for learning both short and long word list. You can choose among two preset settings : Drilling and Brushing Up or set all configurable options yourself.

For example, you can separately set the number of words Vocabilis will be choosing from to show you at every stage. Thus, a large word list is divided by the program into small easily memorizable portions.

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Main features

  • Spaced Repetition System (new in Version 4.0) 
  • Vocabilis can handle any languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • automatic pronunciation of any words or phrases in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Russian
  • ability to set up and view transcription or other useful tips and comments
  • Multiple Choice exercise
  • Flash Cards exercise
  • Spelling exercise
  • small size
  • word list editor, available in the standard package
  • an ever-growing word list bank accessible to all registered users 
  • easily customizable

Download free trial version of Vocabilis!